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Thursday, 11 October 2012 23:45

Review of My Baja Motorsports' Baja SC50 49cc Scooter

Written by  Jay
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Review of My Baja Motorsports' Baja SC50 49cc Scooter

Sold By PEPBOYS Auto
By Jay Steele
Lafayette, IN

UPDATE - 10/19/07

sc50.s41Granted this is not technically related to the miniature field, although it is a miniature form of transportation - but any way, I think you need to know.

If you're thinking about buying a Baja Motorsports Baja SC50 - you might want to think again! Below is a review of this deceiving looking little scooter, and I advise you read the review before you make the purchase.

I've always wanted a little scooter to "scoot" around on, and I finally decided to buy one.  The reason I decided to get one now, was because my son was down to visit for a month and since I had already purchased a Go-Ped gas Scooter for him to run around on, I wanted something so the two of us could "tool" around town together.  So shortly after he arrived we began looking for a scooter his old man could ride while he rode the Go-Ped.  I searched around town only to find some what I considered over priced models, until a friend of mine suggested I try Pepboys Auto supply - and low and behold I found the Baja SC50 at a very reasonable $799.00.  Well lets put it this way - I thought it was a reasonable price at the time.

As usual I went home and did a bit of Internet searching to see what I could find out about the Baja SC50 - much to my surprise there wasn't much to be found - a few passing comments on a few forums, not even a comment on the Baja Motorsports web site about their new Baja SC50.  I guess that should have sent up some flags, but as it turned out - I ignored my usual method of finding all the facts and went ahead and purchased the unit, mainly because I liked the way it looked.

As you can see from the picture above -- the Baja SC50 is a beautiful little bike with nice lines, convenient storage compartments, electric start and kick start.  The controls are well arranged and the overall feel of the machine was great.  I purchased the unit from Pepboys in Lafayette, IN., where they immediately made me aware of the fact that they don't service the bike (more flags I should have noticed) except for the preparation needed before running the first time, and if service was needed during the 90 day warranty period I would have to contact Baja Motorsports to arrange service.  I also bought the extended motor warranty as well - which might turn out to be a really good deal.

Pepboys "dealer prepped" the bike for me and I rode it home.  I wasn't real pleased with the pickup, but was told that once the bike was broke in - things would improve, I was also shown the idle adjust and informed that I would need to make minor adjustments during the brake in period to improve performance.

As the days went by, things didn't improve with the Baja SC50, so I called a friend to come over and take a look at the Baja SC50 and give me his "expert" opinion.  Chris is an accomplished mechanic and has owned several mopeds as well as motorcycles , so I trust his opinion.  It wasn't too long before he informed me that the scooter wasn't working correctly and needed some adjustments - He proceeded to try and adjust the fuel mixture, found that the rear wheel was out of alignment (bent) and finally suggested that I take the Baja SC50 back to Pepboys and get another bike or a refund.

He went with me to Pepboys to explain why this scooter needed to be traded for another one, but since I had put a massive 50 miles on the bike - Pepboys declined and advise that I contact Baja Motorsports for warranty service.  Displeased after the conversation with the store managers that the only resolution in sight was to call Baja Motorsports to get an authorization to return the bike, then they would be able to replace it.

So I called Baja Motorsports and spoke with one of their reps - I relayed to them the same story I had told Pepboys and was then informed that they couldn't authorize a return unless they had an "authorized" service center check out the Baja SC50.  When I asked who that would be -- they informed me that before I could have that information I needed to fax them my name, a list of problems with the Baja SC50 a copy of the sales receipt and then they would notify me of where to take the scooter to get service.  Needless to say, this wasted another day before I could possibly get another bike to replace the defective one I received.

The next day at work, I fax the required information to Baja Motorsports and awaited their answer, and waited, and waited - well another 2 days passed and I finally called them to find out where to take the Baja SC50 scooter to get service.  They informed me, and I call and set an appointment to get the Baja SC50 checked out.

I got the scooter in for service a couple of days later, and was informed the next day that the main bearing had gone out on the motor and needed to be replaced, as well as the rear rim and tire.  Parts were ordered the following Monday.

Two weeks later the parts had not shown up, so I called Baja Motorsports and asked what the hold up was - I did receive a (probably hollow) promise that the parts had arrived and were in receiving, and would be shipped out next week.

It has now been almost a month since I bought the Baja Motorsports Baja SC50 - and have had the pleasure of riding it less than 7 days.  I bought this scooter to enjoy riding with my son when he was down visiting - He went back on 7/28/2006 and we had very little time for riding, which we both enjoyed immensely.

Needless to say Customer Service from Baja Motorsports "Sucks", and Pep Boys' hasn't been much better.  I'll let you know how it ends up!

It has been an other week and no progress - I'm now wondering if there's anything I can take as truth from Baja Motorsports - or if they are just giving me the run around?

Its now 8/17/06 and I've still seen no progress on the Baja SC50, and from the conversation I had with the service center, it doesn't look like its going to be done anytime soon.  Apparently Baja Motorsports hasn't been able to provide answers for his quesitons.  I called Baja Motorsports once again asking why they haven't provided the service center's with the needed information - only to get the same "parts are in receiving" line and another empty promise of a call back.  I'm going to check into the law at this point to see what I can do in order to get some satisfaction.  Baja Motorsports with the aid of Pep Boys sold me a defective Baja SC50 and they don't want to make it right.

8/18/06 I received a welcome call this morning from Baja Mortorsports -- I've been issued an RBA number, which means I can now get my money back from Pep Boys and buy a better scooter than the Baja SC50.  I called the service center and informed them about the return and was told that I would get a call from the owner about the process.  Within minutes - while he was driving to a race, John gave me a call and informed me that according to Baja Motorsports, I didn't need to return the scooter (I would need a wheel barrel if I had to) as they had decided it was such a lost cause (not his words, mine) he could keep the scooter for parts.  I also talked with John about what he had to offer as a replacement for the Baja SC50 - he informed me about a different bike (I don't want its name to be mentioned hear in order to keep its reputation intact) and let me know that I could get it in just a couple of days, if that was my choice.

After all the running around getting things done for my job, I couldn't get to Pep Boys until the next day.  On Friday, I stopped by Pep Boys and talked with the manager, who had received an email from Baja Motorsports informing him that I didn't need to returning the scooter but he was authorized to give me a refund -- Because a RBA number requires the product to be returned the manager contacted Baja Motorsports about what process he needed to take in order to get Pep Boys' money back on the scooter (I don't blame him for this, as I would have done the same thing.), and he was informed that since the person who wrote the email was gone for the day, he would have to call back the next day in order to find out, as no one else there could help him!  Needless to say, another day's delay! The manager of Pep Boys informed me that I would have to wait till tomorrow to find out how to solve the return, but promised to call me shortly after 11 AM (the time the person at Baja Motorsports got to work) with what needed to be done in order to get my refund.  I spent the rest of the day and night researching the scooter that John recommended.

On Saturday morning I went to the service center and order a replacement scooter from them - hopefully I will have it by next Wednesday.  After I get the new scooter, another review will be started, hopefully this time with a more pleasant outcome!  While I was at the service center the attendant received a call informing him that they needed to reassemble the scooter so it could be returned to Pep Boys (surprise, surprise, surprise).

On my way into work, about 11:30 AM I received a call from the manager at Pep Boys (right on time as promised) to let me know that unfortunately they did need to have the scooter returned in order to provide a refund (and get their money back as well).  He also offered to pick up the scooter for me, once I notify him that it is ready to be picked up.  Customer service - that's what its all about - and a lesson Baja Motorsports needs to learn.

Once again I am waiting - hopefully this ordeal will be over soon and I'll have a new and with any luck better scooter to play with.

It's August 24, 2006 and I've picked up the new scooter - the old one has been put together and I'll have Pep Boys pick it up tomorrow and get my refund.

The timeline for service from Baja Motorsports -- so far:

7/09/2006 Purchased the Baja SC50.
7/16/2006 Got Chris to Check the Scooter out.
7/16/2006 Went back to Pepboys to inform about problems.
7/17/2006 Faxed the information to Baja Motorsports.
7/19/2006 Called Baja Motorsports back on  for warranty service info after they didn't call me.
7/19/2006 Set an appointment for the warranty work on scooter.
7/21/2006 Got the scooter in for warranty service.
7/22/2006 Called to get diagnosis of Baja SC50 - Parts couldn't be ordered till Monday.
Contacted both Pepboys and Baja Motorsports about a replacement. 
7/28/2006 My son went back home - we got to ride only a couple of times together.
8/04/2006 Waited and Checked with Service Center - Had to call Baja Motorsports to find out.
8/11/2006 Another week and still no parts for the Baja Motorsports SC50
8/17/2006 Six more days and no progress - and none in sight.
8/18/2006 I got the RBA for the Baja SC50.
8/19/2006 Once again Baja's information was incorrect causing even more delays.
8/27/2006 After almost two months without a scooter - countless delays and constant miss information from Baja Motorsports -- Pep Boys was finally able to give me a refund for the Scooter.

UPDATE 7/17/07 a year later: Since this ordeal, I've purchased two new scooters - both of which I am extremely pleased to own.  The only positive thing to come out of this experience is meeting John, and finding a place to get GOOD and Inexpensive scooters, and excellent service.  Each time I go into John's shop I see several Baja SC50's being serviced.  Changing the colors of the Scooter hasn't improved them at all!

UUDATE 10/19/2007: I've received several emails from others who have had a similar experiences with a Baja Product -- I will list them below when I receive them:

I just read your article. Last Dec. I splurged and bought my son a Baja 90 quad. One thing after another broke (the battery box broke completely off while the quad was in motion) I'm a single mom so it took a lot to do this, we had to drive over 60 miles to pick it up. Friends would do the repairs for us. In July the starter started smoking while in motion and went out, couldn't be rebuilt, the engine isn't made for a pull or kick start. We ordered a new starter in July. We are still waiting for "shipping" from  China. My son's Christmas present from Santa, has spent most of it's time broken! He took such good care of it, covered it, and babied it. The lugs even worked their way off!
I'm glad you got your situation solved. They tell us we can't get the replacement number since it's over 3 months old.


LL & P
T. G. F. E.
Thank God For Everything

Stay away from Baja Motorsports products.  They are all made badly in China and fall apart fast.  Big waste of money!!!


I unfortunately bought two bikes from Baja Motorsports.  Rust immediately started eating away the tail pipe, the chain, and other parts days after I got them home from the store.  The warranty service people just said, “Not covered!”  Not a single I’m sorry you are having this trouble.  They even said that this was normal and that the bike did not have a problem. 


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